World Twenty20 Edition

It’s almost over, there is just one match left – the final. The Aussies are gone after being obliterated by the Windies in the Semi, while defending champs England didn’t even make it to the Semis. The final is Chris Gayle’s West Indies against the home side, Sri Lanka – its pretty much anyone’s match, but if Gayle and co are on song like they were in the semi final against Australia then Sri Lanka will have an uphill battle.

Twenty20 Cricket in Australia

Twenty20 is all the rage in the cricketing world. The popularity of the shortest form of the game has exploded in recent years, thanks mostly to its faster, more action-packed style and the shorter game time. The ‘length’ of test matches and even traditional 50-over one-day games does still put off many people, but T20 which is all over and done within three hours is perhaps more accessible to the masses.